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 The Holiday Season

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PostSubject: Re: The Holiday Season   Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:57 pm

I sat down to talk to Rana and a girl named Natalie about the latest gossip, but when Natalie left, I started telling Rana the information I gleaned from being a wallflower. I had watched everyone dance and laugh and have a good time.

"Rana," I said. "I am very concerned about Dasha, though. When she was talking with Sir Benton, I could tell she was not faring well... Luckily, the man she was dancing with most of the night, Anthony, seems to have helped dissolve the situation, but I could see from her face that it was awkward and uncomfortable."

Rana nodded--she had noticed the same thing as me, though she was dancing and did not hear what the conversations were about. That was one benefit to just sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else dance--you are not busy doing something else, so you can just relax and people watch.

"Also," I said, "I think I have heard something about Anthony before... I think that he is somehow more closely related to this all than we think."

Vampires do not forget much, and I KNEW I had heard Anthony's name before. THe problem was thinking of where I had heard it--it was not more than a passing mention.

With the serious talk out of the way, Rana turned the talk back to Benjamin. She had seen that I enjoyed myself dancing, which I could tell made her very happy. I explained to her that I enjoyed the dance, yes, and that Benjamin was a nice person, but that I was not attracted to him. I saw her face fall a little--many of my relatives seemed to be on a quest to find the perfect man for me--but she seemed glad that I got up and danced with at least one person.

We sat and chatted for a bit longer before I got up and walked outside for a bit of fresh air.
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PostSubject: Re: The Holiday Season   Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:59 am

The night was slowly coming to an end. Anthony and I had already walked back inside when guests slowly began making their way out. Clearly it was the older members of society who were retiring early. Many of the younger people stayed to go on with the festivities.

I could see that everyone in the family clearly enjoyed themselves during the party and that made me glad. Hopefully there weren't any big scandals that occurred while the party was on. You never really want to draw any attention to yourself - especially with what we were.

Anthony was about to walk off and hurry back to his apartment because of an early appointment in the morning. He kissed my hand gently and promised he would call on me soon. I inclined my head in reply and began walking towards my parents who smiled from ear to ear, satisfied of what they had accomplished for the evening.

"Where is everyone?" I asked as I came up to them.

"There somewhere around here. You know, it is extremely difficult to keep an eye on all of you because you all wander off so quickly." Mama replied, smiling.

"What exactly were you up to tonight, Mama?"

"I'll tell you in the carriage, dear." She smiled grimly.

"Did you enjoy the party, Papa?" I asked, turning to see his face stuffed with pastries.
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PostSubject: Re: The Holiday Season   Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:44 pm

James and I danced for a bit longer together before i smiled and told him i needed to get some fresh air. He kissed my hand softly and said, "hopefully we can have another dance later?"

I bowed my head ever so slightly, acknowleging and accepting another dance. He grinned and told me he would find me later.

I walked over to Rana, who was sitting on a chair along the wall. I inclined my head towards the outisde, signalling I wanted to talk to her. I'd been away on my personnal trip for what seemed like ever, and I hadn't talked to my sister since our quick exchange earlier.
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PostSubject: Re: The Holiday Season   Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:45 pm

A good chunk of the older guests were retiring for the night. I had been sitting by myself though plenty young men asked me to dance. I politely declined their offer, saying that I had weak ankles.

Eventually Mic came up towards me and I got up, since I knew she wanted to talk, as did I.

We hold hands and walk out to the veranda.

I squeeze her hands and give her a huge hug. "Oh Mic dear, I missed you so much!! Don't you ever go away again with me or without bringing me a present." I tell her endearingly and kiddingly at the same time.

She laughed and said, "Who said I didn't get one of my favorite sisters a gift?"

My whole face lit up and then in a joking undertone, "One of your favorites?" I laughed, unable to keep up the charade and ask excitedly, "So what is it?!"

Mic smiles and says "Hmm... not now. I want to make you wait."

"Prepostrous! You must be joking!"

"Nope." She answerd wryly. Just then Kat came and said, "Mother wishes us to go, besides have any of you seen Sonia? I've been looking but I can't seem to find her."

Mic replied, "I haven't seen her recently."

"Though I do remember her visiting the women's room not too long ago, she may still be there." I tell Kat.

Kat thanks us and walks off to look for Sonia.

Mic and I grasp each other's hands and begin to walk back to mother and father.

On our way there, we were intercepted by the twins, James and Xachary.

"Hello ladies." They said at the same time.
"Would either of-"
"-you mind if we paid-"
"-you a house call one of these days?"

Mic began to giggle again, for she seemed to find great humor in the way the twins could finish each other's sentences. I looked at her and winked slyly, though only she saw and understood what I wanted to do.

"We would love it-"
"-if you would come-"
"-and visit us. We had-"
"-a simply wonderful time." We say together.

The twins laughed and promised that they would come soon and Mic suggested that he should come with Anthony's famiy, since they were good family friends, to come over the next Friday.

We eventually found Mother and Father waiting by carriage for us. Kathryn and Sonia arrived just as Mic and I sat down.
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PostSubject: Re: The Holiday Season   Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:55 pm

I seriously don't like that woman." I said. "Making her daughter marry just cause she's pregnant... or whatever it is... I don't think that is right."

"Alu, the day will come when marriage and children won't go hand in hand... and then you will think that it should." Jackson said with a chuckle.'

"That entire family is weird... i'm completely serious."

"Well, we can't help those things."


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PostSubject: Re: The Holiday Season   Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:26 pm

[Please continue to update on the new forum. This is a thread for this story...]

- WeLcOmE! -

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PostSubject: Re: The Holiday Season   

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The Holiday Season
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