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 How does it works around here?

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PostSubject: How does it works around here?   Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:41 pm

1. How to start dating? and How to get married?

This is pretty simple. First, you have to check on the "Taken Husbands" thread to make sure that the person you want to date or marry isn't taken. If the person isn't taken then you can post a new thread simply stating that you are dating [insert people name here] and post a picture of that person.

If you are dating and that you want to get married, just post into the "Changes in status" thread.

One Husband = chose wisely! No divorce allowed! When you chose someone! You can NOT change! Especially if you have a child together!

It is not mandatory but you can make a story for every 'steps' in your life as a TA member.

2. What are the Spamming Threads?

The Spamming threads are a place where nothing makes any sense, a place where you can talk about anything without being afraid to be caught by the Spam Police Wink There aren't any rules for those places. You can post anything that doesn't have a place anywhere else on the forum.

3. How do I put an avatar and how do I put a signature after my posts?

Avatars can be put up by going to the User Control Panel, Profile, Edit Avatar. Just type in the URL of the image and you're set. For signatures, follow the processes below.

a) How do you stick an image in the signature box?


It's also easier if the image has been uploaded to a website like Photobucket. There, the formatting is already done for you. Just copy and paste.

b) How do you make an image into a hyperlink?


c). How do you make words into a hyperlink?

[url=http://URLoflink]Words you want to be the link[/url]

4. How do I send Private Messages?

To send a private message, you can either click the link under the person's post that says "PM" or go to their profile where the link will be to the right. Once you click it, a new page opens where you just type in a subject in the subject line, your message in the body then click send just as you would typing a post.

You can also access your inbox by clicking the link to the top of every page that says "0 (1, 2, 3, etc) new messages". Once there, click on New Post near the bottom and the page opens to send a PM. Just type in the person's username* and subject and text and you're done!

*If you're not sure of the username, click Find a Username in the new PM page. If you were unsure of my name, you could type Alcy* and a scroll-down list of names beginning with those four letter would come up or *one and names ending with those letters come up. Then, just click the name of the person it is you want and the name will immediately appear as the receiver in the new PM page. This can also be used in Search when looking for someone.

If you have any questions, you are free to PM me, i'll will be more than happy to help.

- WeLcOmE! -

Mother of TAFF, at your service!
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How does it works around here?
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